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by CleverNapkins (submitted 6 years ago)
Word Association
by CleverNapkins (submitted 7 years ago)
Diet Buddies
Hi :) I'm looking for a diet buddy as well. I have 36lbs to lose. Let me know if you want to chat :)
by CleverNapkins (submitted 7 years ago)
Looking for a teenage Buddy
Hi :) I'm 20 y/o and I'm 146lbs looking to be 110 (I don't have a date set to me my goal, as I know it will take me forever). I'm on daily, and would love to be your friend :)
by CleverNapkins (submitted 7 years ago)
Word Association
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)
Word Association
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)
Word Association
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)
Stacey needs a Buddy!
I'm pretty much in the same boat as you love. I'm 19 years old and also trying to lose 20ish lbs.
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)
In need of diet buddy--let's motivate each other!
Hey, I'm a 19 y/o female from Canada trying to lose at least 25 lbs. My problem is that I have trouble staying motivated and I think that encouragement would be a big help. I'm here to encourage too! Is anyone interested in being my diet buddy? <3
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)
Just starting
drink lots of water or green tea between meals.
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)
Word Association
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)
Joined Today on The Fat Flush Diet
hehe thanks again! I'll check the library. I actually live right down the street from one.
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)
Joined Today on The Fat Flush Diet
Hey! I just joined the site today. Does anyone have any tips for a newcomer? I decided the fat flush diet was right for me because I know that I overindulge when it comes to grain and dairy products. I usually don't eat too many sweets or fast food--I truly believe that dairy and grain products are causing my weight gain. Any recipes or quick food suggestions that have little or no grain or dairy products?
by CleverNapkins (submitted 8 years ago)

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One month on diet and gym
I have being dieting and gyming for exactly a month today ,and happy to report i have lost 10kgs ,reduced body fat by 6% and increased muscle weight by 4kgs.I am one third of the way to achieving what ...
by DeanDon1 on 26 May 16 04:57 AM
Put distance from stationary bike down on a map?
Thanks, I'll take a look.
by LolaNight on 26 May 16 02:47 AM
A new way to lose weight.
2000 cals for dinner - cor blimey, that's a feast :-) It is a lot but depends what your output is really hey? If you're eating 3000 cals a day but your output is 4000 then you'd still lose ...
by JustineJones on 25 May 16 06:33 PM
Oatmeal sure spiked my blood sugar!
Uhhh, if you are trying to lower Blood sugar. Cutting Fat is NOT the answer. Increasing fat and cutting Carbs and protein ARE the answer. Low carb high fat actually CURES type 2. How do people here not ...
by knuckles the mgtow monk on 25 May 16 06:09 PM
Ladies and Gents
I have this DVD series. I've done the basic moves DVD, and the first two dance "routines" of the series, the second of which I completed for the first time yesterday. If you are serious ...
by Melissalovesdaisies on 25 May 16 10:07 AM
Home Workouts
Hi guys, Just looking for a few ideas for home workouts. I used to go to the gym 6 times a week but I now work 12 hour days so don't seem to have the time through the week. I've started getting ...
by kwrg on 25 May 16 08:53 AM

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