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DairyKing before & After
You're right. I don't see any difference. ;)
by ClassicRocker (submitted a day ago)
Throwback Thursday!
Deb-N--Led Zeppelin.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 5 days ago)
Throwback Thursday!
That's a great idea.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 6 days ago)
Throwback Thursday!
Thanks Nich for starting the Throwback Thursday. So cool seeing everyone's pictures. Love the kiddies and critters... not the dead ones, of course. I hope others post their pictures. And I'd like to downsize mine. Was actually going to put up 3 hippie pictures but I'll save the others for another time. And my fav with my son.
by ClassicRocker (submitted a week ago)
Throwback Thursday!
Thanks Bruce.... it was a bugger and I just went to bed last night. An FYI... I was 18 when that picture was taken in 1969.... when most of you weren't even born. Talk about throwback...
by ClassicRocker (submitted a week ago)
WW or Atkins
Do research on both plans. See which one appeals to you most. Then give it a shot. If it doesn't work, try another. But the name of the game is to find a new way of eating for the rest of your life. Don't forget to log all of your food in your diary. It will keep you honest. Good luck.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Before and After, anyone?
You both look wonderful. Congrats on doing it together. Makes it so much easier to have a diet buddy.
by ClassicRocker (submitted a month ago)
Before and After, anyone?
by ClassicRocker (submitted a month ago)
On Diets, Goals, Events, and Deadlines.
A lot of this has been going through my head for the past 5 or so months with the gain. I need to post signs all over the house that remind me to use food to fuel my body only. Not as a reward or excuse. I work so hard trying to make sure I stay within my rdi, get the right amount of protein, carbs, fats and fiber and making sure I'm full. Got a thing about feeling full. It's a balancing game and I'm not very good at it. Then I blow it. When I began this trip at 246, I just started walking to strengthen my back and noticed a small loss, kept walking then started counting calories and the weight came off. No goals were ever set. I just let it happen. Then I read what everyone was saying and doing... get enough protein, cut carbs, eliminate this, that or the other. I got a bit craz(ier) and obsessed with my intake. Working hard (not today) to do it right. I like what Buffy Bear said... one lb. at a time then the next, then the next. A goal I think I can live with vs thinking, damn I've got to get rid of the 20 I gained since the stroke. Do wish I could do strength training and kettlbell as I know it helped build muscle.
by ClassicRocker (submitted a month ago)
Does sugar rule your life? I am a sugar addict/chocoholic! What are the solutions?
I count out the almonds in little snack bags to make sure I don't eat too many. It's easy to do. I gave the dark chocolate a try. However, that's the only chocolate I like, so that too was easy to inhale. I broke them into little pieces but found myself going to the pantry for just one more. Very easy to knock off a bar in a couple of days so I won't bring it in the house. Even if it's on sale.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 2 months ago)
Does sugar rule your life? I am a sugar addict/chocoholic! What are the solutions?
I use tangerines as a substitute for sweets and it seems to work pretty well. I also eat almonds.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 2 months ago)
Books that changed your life!
Of course, it's all brain related. 1. My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. whose area of expertise was the anatomy of the brain then had a stroke herself. 2. Rewire Your Brain by John B. Arden, Ph.D. Yeah, you can fix it. The brain is marvelous and forgiving.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 2 months ago)
diet "supplements"
Okay.... when I was 246, I tried everything on the market for weight loss. You get desperate and manufacturers know that. I was one with every supplement on the market and those touted by Oz. People seem to believe that drinking green tea will also help you lose weight. So, for me, it didn't and doesn't work. I've been drinking herbal and green teas for about 10 years and still got fat and fatter. My opinion totally. There is no magic "pill/supplement". If there was, this site wouldn't be here and none of us would be fat. This is where commonsense must prevail. We binged, gorged and ate lousy food for years for whatever reason. Surprise!!!! We're fat and can't expect it to disappear overnight. Time to learn how to eat healthy, exercise and learn moderation. Instead of eating the whole pack of chips ahoy, just one will satisfy the cravings and urges. Nothing here is OT other then NM's snow mobile question but we've learned to just pat him on the head and tell him to go sit down, be good or go play with Tika.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 4 months ago)
im trying to be balanced in all areas my life
Hello... and welcome. We've all been out of control and some of us are still fighting to get a grip on our lives. You've come to the right place.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 4 months ago)
A fun thread. What are you reading?
An amazing read. I hope you enjoy it and learn as I have.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 5 months ago)
A fun thread. What are you reading?
Rewire Your Brain by John B. Arden, Ph.D. Part of my recovery plan.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 5 months ago)
Do you eat your kid's leftovers?
Shaking head.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 5 months ago)
need to lose but medically unable to Exercise due to medical issues plz help
Are you trying to lose for back surgery or the bariatric surgery? If bariatric, contact them and get all your questions answered by them.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 5 months ago)
I've lost 147 lbs in 2014...if I can, you can!!
16lbs. a month. A huge loss. Congrats.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 6 months ago)
Okay. I'm fed up!
I break everything down individually. Can't just say meatloaf as I sometimes put pork or lamb in it with the gb. So, listing everything individually works for me. A little more work, but it works for me.
by ClassicRocker (submitted 7 months ago)
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Atkins: 60-70% fat; 20-25% protein; 5-7% Net Carbs
by LambiePi on 05 Mar 15 08:47 PM

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