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Mini Blenders - is ther a good one that can handle daily use?
I bought the cooks brand from JCpenny.. it is 25 dollars.. It chops ice well and makes my protein shakes just fine.. I had a hard time with fruit smoothies because I used all frozen fruit and like them super thick. I do use it to grind up my flax seeds and it works really well. I also only paid 10 dollars for it because it was on sale, and I had a 10 dollar coupon.. so for 10 bucks IT IS AWESOME. That being said I would like to hear your results on frozen fruit smoothies when you make your purchase.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
Anybody have Acid Reflux? Need Info!!
if you are nervous get a second opinion.. But I do have a friend who has acid reflux with no symptoms at all.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
I just can't get into eating the morning
I have a hard time eating breakfast as well. I never eat a big breakfast unless it is really brunchish time. I do try to eat something like nuts or a cheese stick. Or left overs from last nights dinner.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
Eating after work....
I would plan your dinner at the start of the day, like pp mentioned.. make dinner as soon as you get home. I would also save some calories for a good snack later. Maybe 1.5 or 2 hours after dinner.. Then you can tell yourself that you can have your dinner, and when you have the urge to start grazing hold out for your planned snack.. then after you ahve your snack if you still want to graze.. drink something hot.. like tea and if all of that fails.. go to bed.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
Too tired to cook + McDonald's = Savvy Calorie Intake!
PS this post also inspired me to clean my kitchen :) It did not take 7 hours.. but it was in need of it.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
Bored,Lazy and tired....
I have always loved cook books.. I have over 130. So yes I love to go through them. Some people like fashion, or dogs.. I love cook books.. Some times I will go through them and see if i can tweak them to make them lower calorie.. or if there are ones that I can make as is for a healthy dinner. I think for alot of people who are over weight getting bored with your food choices leads to off the deep end eating. So I do often try mix it up or try new things.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
Too tired to cook + McDonald's = Savvy Calorie Intake!
I would have to ditch the fries though.. next to pb and J.. there is no food more deadly than MCD's fries for sending me on a food bender. :)
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
Too tired to cook + McDonald's = Savvy Calorie Intake!
That is really good.. I will forsure do that. I sometimes treat the kids to the play place and I just drink an iced tea.. but I could bring my own bun and do the swap out as well. Thanks for sharing. :)
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
Stretch salad dressing
I find that if you dress only the lettuce your dressing is easier to spread around and it goes further.. I can dress3 cups of mixed greens with one tsp of olive oil. then I put the rest of my salad stuff on there. I dont feel tomatoes, or chicken, or chick peas or beets or cheese need dressing at all.. just the leaves. That has worked really well for me.. of course it does not work when you go out.. :P
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
In Law's .. Help please!!
I am a firm on the fact that just because I cant have it does not mean you cant have it. I hate that attitude. I would just tell her, that you cant eat like that and you dont expect anyone to make special food for you. They are not the ones with the IR.. you want to be with them and share meal time.. you are going to bring your own dinner most nights and once in a while (say once a month) because her cooking is so good you will splurge and eat what they eat.. That still lets you eat with them.. and takes the month from every other night to one night a month where you dont have as much control over your dinner. HTH
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
I love pilates.. I go to class once a week. I have had good results. It is not good for burning calories though. I have never done a tape though. Pilates is all about the details.. proper body movement and feed back from the instructor.. be careful and dont hurt yourself. Did you hurt yourself or are you just sore? Gentle stretching may be what you need as apposed to doing the tape again so soon.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
Hoser they are used to flavor the water. I would only count the the plain water. Maybe if you are having a hard time getting in your plain water.. do 4 plain waters then half a flavored water.. and repeat. I drink at least 100 oz of h20 a day.. and then once or twice a week I will drink sparkling water with the drops.. that is all kinds of awesome.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
I need a sports bra!!
I wear a 38 GG, I tried the panache bra. I love it.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
HELP everyone, how exactly am I going to lose weight without starving?!
pilates is king. I started pilates because of a bad back... to strengthen my core. I had taken measurements in October when I weighed 207... then from my birthday in october to chrsitmas I ate everymeal like it was the last one on earth... and guess what I gained 23 lbs. But during that whole time I did my pilates class... which develops your core. and a strong core holds your body together... even though I gained lbs... when I lost back down to 215 (still 8 lbs heavier than my low of 207) I had lost over 12 inches from my 207 measurement. and a great many inches were from my stomach.. strong abs. hold in everything and make your clothes fit better. also the BMI is wrong about 41% of the time.. in either direction.. it is a bad chart. Muscle tone is everything. You can have a low bmi and be fat because you are all flab and no muscle.. or you could be super fit like Arnold S. but your numbers would say your are obese...just like hoser said. good luck and NO PILLS. :)
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
breast reduction
today I got an email describing back pain related to large breasts... and it is EXACTLY where my pain is.. I am so set on this now. I have wanted a reduction for years.. and the constant pain for the last 5 years is more than enough to tip the scales... I will loose 50 more lbs and start my research. I will keep stretching my back so I can walk and hope that the exercise makes it strong.. but I have had the last terrible summer I hope. I had to miss my family vacation camping up north because my back hurt so bad.. i had to miss my daughters girl scout weekend because my hip popped out of place from the shortening of the muscles in my back and I could not walk for 2 weeks with out terrible pain... and this all happened in june. I canceled my trip to visit my family in Texas because I am too scared to travel for worry of my back going out.. I am always fearful when ever I leave the house that my back will start to spasm and what will I do... this just sucks.. and surgery may be painful.. but I cant live the rest of my life like this. So yea... I will read that website and when the time is closer... I will be full of questions. thanks for the link Des
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
breast reduction
there needs to be a like feature.. soo funny woo woo
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
breast reduction
I live in the us.. My PT and my regular Dr feel I should be able to have it covered by my insurance. I would get it done now.. but I keep hoping that some of the tissue will go away when I lose more weight. Thus far that has not be the case. I have lost 71 lbs and my cup size has gone up not down.
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
breast reduction
So I have large breasts.. when I started losing weight I was in a 46f and now I am in a 40GG. I also have back problems.. I have compressed ribs in my mid thorasic. They are compressed because of my chest being so large. Is there anyone out there who has had breast reduction because of back pain and had it help. I dont intend on getting the surgery until I lose at least 50 more lbs. I keep hoping that if I lose enough weight my back will get better and I wont require painful surgery. Mostly I am just scared... I have read that the highest rate of plastic surgery satisfaction is in breast reduction.. but the last three days I have been reading about the surgery and the after care/healing process and frankly it gives me nightmares. Is there anyone out there that has done it and would comment?
by Ceebee (submitted 5 years ago)
it is not uncommon for my weight fluctuate 5 lbs from day to day. That is why I try to only weigh myself once a week.. and I try to do it at the same time.. before eating or drinking and after going to the bathroom. 2 weeks ago I worked really hard and only lost 1 lb.. then this week I did not work as hard and I lost 4. Does that mean that hard work only gets you a 1 lb loss and not hard work gets you 4.. no it means when I weighed in 2 weeks ago I had more water weight and had probably lost 2.5 lbs of fat.. but the scale only showed a 1 lb loss. This week the water weight was off and I saw a bigger drop.. no worries.. just keep pluggin along and know that it all evens out. I too like the see the scale move every week.. but I know as long as it keeps trending down over the long haul my system is working.. I wish I had the nerve to only weigh in once a month.. that would be awesome.. no week to week nerves over lbs up or down.. if the numbers on the scale give you grief on a day to day basis.. you should try to cut back on how often you weigh in.
by Ceebee (submitted 6 years ago)
I am reading brain Rules.. it is about gettin smart.. and guess what rule number one was.. freaking exercise.. WTH I can not get away from that topic no matter how hard I try.. sneaky bastards.. I am only on rule 2 (of 12) so far I would say it is worth reading.
by Ceebee (submitted 6 years ago)
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