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Eat, Fast, Live Longer!
First month on 5:2 fast diet. Takes a bit of getting used to for the fasting but it is getting easier and I feel better the day after the fast. The psychological benefits of it feeling like I only have to use will power for one day and then I get to resume "normal" eating seem to make it easier for me than a traditional long term daily calorie counting diet. Loss of 1 pound a week average is a healthy, albeit, slow result. As I enter month two, wonder if it will get easier or more difficult.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 4 years ago)
My diet
Go on line and look up Basal Metabolic Rate calculator...then take that number and calculate your daily intake using the Harris Benedict equation. You can then determine how many fewer calories a day you need to lose weight for your specific needs. As you lose weight, you will need to recalculate as your weight reduces.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 5 years ago)
My diet
Your calorie count sounds too low. As I understand it, your daily calories intake should not be lower than 1200. From my own experience, if the calorie count is too severe you will not be successful or sustainable.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 5 years ago)
how often do you record your weight
I record basically every day at the same time. This allows me to see if there are any cycles in water weight or bloating, and I can get a sense if these are monthly trends. And psychologically for me, even if I ascribe a slight gain to water weight, it still motivates me to stay on track and be better in calorie intake for the next day. I typically have a series of up and down weights within a pound range for a week long period before my body capitulates and shows it as a consistent and real weight loss. It used to bother me when I was good with local calorie intake each day and I would see a weight gain on the scale, but now I understand how my trends work and I can live with the natural fluxuations. But every body works differently.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
I hate my scale
I am not scale obsessed but I am forcing myself to step on it each day, regardless of its unwillingness to move downward. I do prefer the digital scales that can register the weight loss in minute increments so I can see progress in 1/2 or 1/4 pounds.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
scales vs inches
I too am disappointed with the scales. I have dieted solidly for one month and it appeared that I was losing at a healthy rate of about 1 pound per week. Here it is at the end of the month and the scales say I am right back where I started...even slightly heavier. I am at the point where I am past discouraged and giving up. In fact, I am a little angry and will use that anger to motivate me to keep dieting until I can demonstrate that loss is possible. I feel like it is a battle of wills....who will win, my body or me? (I know that sounds weird, but that is where I am at this stage of the process). Your comments help me to feel that we all experience some version of this at some time, so thanks for posting.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
trouble shifting those last pounds, help!
I just looked at your stats, and the only thing I can recommend is to add some exercise to your daily routine. I don't see any exercise listed on your page. Even if it is just moderate walking for 30 minutes say 4 times a week should help get your body to get past your plateau, especially since you are eating a relatively low calorie intake.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
Daily women's multi-vitamin, krill oil, calcium and D supplement, and 2 81 mg baby aspirin.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
Sweet tooth after meals?
For me it is a piece or two of hard candy that is usually about 20 or 30 calories a piece. It gives a lot of satisfaction and I can suck on them for about 15 minutes which gives a prolonged sensation, allows the cravings to pass, and gives me a taste of something sweet with very little damage calorie-wise. You can also try some sugar free hard candies if you want to stay away from sugar.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
2000 jumping jacks?
I think you need to see a nutritionist or start educating yourself because from this limited discussion it appears that you need a better understanding of food and how it effects your body, how it is related to your overall well being and emotions.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
What was the catalyst that made you decide to lose weight?
A few things: - Celebrating my mom's 90th birthday and wanting to be just as vibrant as she is when I get old ...not too early to think about quality of life issues. - Not willing to purchase anything over size 14 and am pushing the limits currently. - Annoyed by my muffin top and fat in my mid section for the first time. - Tired of not feeling good about myself. - Increasing reluctance to look at pictures of myself.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
counting calories and exercise
I share your frustration. I used to be able to "do the right things" and would see movement on the scales. My metabolism has appeared to go into hibernation with perimenopause and it takes a really long time to see the effects now. I used to be able to lose 2-3 pounds a week with no problem and now I struggle to get a solid pound a week. Not only that, if I have one day on the weekend where I eat "normally", all my hard work is pretty much gone in a day. For those of you in your 40s, just a recommendation to get your weight down now before you hit 50.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)
5' 9" 188 - 185 pounds Size 14 Tops Lg 36 D Goal weight 150 - 155 which would put me back in a size 12/10 depending on the brand, and take me back to a 36 B bra.
by Carol Crosby (submitted 7 years ago)

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