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Thigh problem
I have huge hips and small top. The new trainer in gym told me over the years i always worked on end part of my body so its resisting the loss now, what Militaryman says is true it will be the last to go away but keep exercising. Meonlybetter also said something that is so true to me it is my inner saddle bags are my worse thing about my weight loss. This sometimes I think is what stops me losing weight, the worry they will get worse as I lose.
by Carmel8sons (submitted 5 years ago)
HELP dealing with temptation
I can so relate to everything said, except but by some miracle I dont like McDonalds exc for their coffee. Its hard,MAKPARIS, when parent is ill, Mum has Alzhemiers, tried to cope for years, (2 sisters as well brill with mum), and rearing my 8 sons, and putting up with 7 greedy (cant wait for her to die) siblings,nearly bought me to a breakdown. I was about 24 stone before I was forced to put in into home, it has taken me 6 years to come to terms with it and not crying each time I leave her, BUT I had to learn if I did not take care of ME, my kids would go have to go through the pain of what I went through with mum. You stay strong, take it 1 hour at a time, every 2 god hours a day adds up in the long term.Hope your mum well soon.
by Carmel8sons (submitted 5 years ago)
Brill Brill Loss
by Carmel8sons (submitted 5 years ago)
Before and After pictures: 85 pounds lost!
Wow Wow. So Beautiful. I all yr pictures you have the most beautiful of faces but now more so. Its yr confidence shining through yr eyes. Be so proud
by Carmel8sons (submitted 7 years ago)
What enhancements to the FS site are in process????
A few weeks ago I wanted to resort out my BUDDIES, over the yrs I've built up hundreds. and some not on site anymore, I asked how can you do that, asking can I delete by maybe if someone not being on over a year but told me can only delete them one by one.and then you have to click are you sure you want to delete. But said they will look into it.Still think Its a brilliant site. :lol:
by Carmel8sons (submitted 7 years ago)
Has Anyone Else Had Trouble Losing Weight Even Though They Are Sticking To Their Diet?
when I was younger when I cut back on calories the weight fell off, even when I was not honest about what I ate that week. Now either that I'm older ??? it takes twice as long to lose it.I read all the feed back you got and I could indentify wih lots of what wa said on it.
by Carmel8sons (submitted 7 years ago)
Sushi Calories- Baked crab roll or dynamite roll
I've been trying to work out the calories as well, New sushi bar opened in Cork, kind of new thing here and would love to try it and been just able to enjoy. Thanks Mouse 4, I'll look up the site.
by Carmel8sons (submitted 7 years ago)
Desperate because of my body. Please help!
agree with the other comments Try listen and work this advice to suit you. And take it step and step at the time
by Carmel8sons (submitted 7 years ago)
need chair exercise
Hi on the fittnes channel on SKY there is a show called CHAIRAROBICS. Brill. Last yr I did it at 2pm each day, my knee was injured. I could not believe how much it strenghted it. I'll look it up later and try find out more info. They do not use anything like weights etc
by Carmel8sons (submitted 7 years ago)
101 pounds gone- alot more to go!
My God Outstanding, You must be so proud, Stay strong and motivated.
by Carmel8sons (submitted 7 years ago)
Hi to the site and looking for buddies
Hi can I also be a buddy, I really need motivation, I'm in my sons house babysitting and its like a candy store here
by Carmel8sons (submitted 7 years ago)
How has gaingin weight changed your life?
This post is great. Im so annoyed at mysel gaining weight and more annoyed Im letting others belittle me. recently i decided to start dating again after years, went out in such a possitive mood, first time in long time, actually meet someone (proves to me that how you feel about yrsel is how people treat you) everything went great, went on a DATE, treated lovely, then at end of Date, he spoilt it all with the comment, He loves the EXTRA LARGE ladies as they appreciate been loved more. HE HIMSEL WAS A BIG MAN. Its comments like that than bring a person crashing down, but When I told my pals they nearly had a fit. we are laughing bout it now. I know he should be thrilled that I even met up with him, and thing is he was a really nice man and I dont think he still knows what he said hurt. So yes I do know people treat you different when you are heavier and it does interfer with living a full life no matter how confidence you feel. and another thing we do being overweight is always say SORRY for this Sorry for that even when others at fault.Ie Feeling we are taking up space in shopping asiles, people bumping into us. Thats my moan over
by Carmel8sons (submitted 8 years ago)
Word Association
Champnage (bubbles):roll:
by Carmel8sons (submitted 9 years ago)
Word Association
by Carmel8sons (submitted 9 years ago)
Life Tip of the Week
A bit of [b]Help[/b] ;) is worth more than a lot of [b]PITY[/b] :cry:
by Carmel8sons (submitted 9 years ago)
Getting to KNOW YOU, la la la laaa la laaa laaa
HI Everyone My name is Carmel from Cork City, My name on site is because when ever any1 introduces me or meets me they say, "You are Carmel with the 8 sons", or as Cork is Small, "I heard of you, you have 8 sons", So Thats who I am. And the reason Im on site is to lose weight, and become just Carmel ;)
by Carmel8sons (submitted 9 years ago)
diet buddy needed
Hi Im also at college and twice yr age ,also on a budget, I also want to drop a huge amount of weight at least 65lb but 85lb, if I could, but have you a very tiny and small petite frame to want to drop to 120lb??? Could you try for a smaller weight loss or break it down, Since Ive come on site Ive changed my target also copied some of the bio's, I put in Target Steps and put in the smaller weight loss targets. Each time I saw 80 lb esp. on a bad day, I felt it was inpossible, but we are all different and you might be made of stronger stuff, As a mum who has been on a tight budget for years here are few tips that helped me survive 1; Shop late at night or get up 1 hr early and go around local supermarket for reduced items, 2; Strike up a "friendship" with some1 in there, you'd be suprised what is being reduced that day, 3; Cut out and use every money off voucher you can get yr hands on, 4; When you get good at this, you will know what is the best day to get the bargains 5; Ask and use yr student discount every where, 6; always make yr lunch at home, if it is a sandwich and you dont want to eat it after bringing it, take it home and toast it and have a salad or something with it. Hope you accept this MATURE STUDENT as a buddy Carmel
by Carmel8sons (submitted 9 years ago)
I need some help
Have you ever seen Die Hard 1, when Bruce 8) takes off his shoes and flexes his toes, Since Ive watched this film, I have done this, It really works to relax and help the feet, Try it, if its good for Bruce its great for us, and thinking of him boost the hormones,:lol: I agree about changing shoes every once in a while esp if you know you have a long day ahead, they get so hot inside, putting on the cooler pair def helps, I love all the tips given on the site:lol:
by Carmel8sons (submitted 9 years ago)
Hello from Renee in Michigan
There are so many diets and challanages here, All kind of linked, so plenty to choose from. as you are so stressed out already take yr time in picking 1, just get used to the site and the support here is unbelieable, I have always been on the defence because of my weight, but I feel so normal on this site, think its the first time Ive been honest bout my weight to any1 outside any proffesional person who has weighted me over the years, going get my son to help me scan and put my weight readout I get today on the site and do it every week, It will keep me honest
by Carmel8sons (submitted 9 years ago)
Diet Calendar
Thanks I was trying to figure that out as well
by Carmel8sons (submitted 9 years ago)
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