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So, Who Takes What???
I take actual greens. I put kale & spinach in my vitamix along with carrots & usually a small piece of fruit for sweetness (usually grapefruit or strawberries or raspberries) along with ice & cold water. I have 32oz twice a day since I don't really like eating veggies or having to cook them.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 3 days ago)
What exercising will reduce breast size quicker?
RUNNING! I was a 34DDD when I started my weight loss journey at 129 a few years ago. I am now between a 34C and a 32C/D but not as firm /o: I run but wear a very supportive bra and it still didn't help with the sagging. I think when you lose that much weight they are bound to droop a bit.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 5 months ago)
Atkins Ketosis and going over 50 net grams of carbs
The sticks are not a reliable way to test for ketosis as Dr. Atkins states in his book. I bought them at one point myself but they were not accurate & I was told by several senior lifetime maintenance members on Atkins not to use them. The best way to tell is are you having cravings, to you have energy, and are you losing weight (either slow or fast depending on what phase you are in & how much you have to lose. I can tell because I drop anywhere from 2/10 of a pound to a full pound per day when I am doing induction. I thought there was only one atkins book "a new atkins for a new you" but found "the atkins diet revolution" which has (to me) a lot more info in it that I found helpful. I have been on Atkins on & off for over 2 years & still go back to those 2 books on a regular basis to refresh myself on the facts versus what I have tweeked the diet to be. Every time a try to "cheat" the atkins induction approach, I re-read the books & see why I am not losing weight :o) My understanding is that, if you are on induction & you eat bread, sugar, anything in the carb/sugar category with over 5 carbs, you slow down the process of switching your body from burning carbs for fuel to burning fat for fuel. It then takes you longer to complete induction. I have experienced this through trial an error by noticing that after sugar/carb intake, it takes at least 2 days of STRICT 20 net carbs or less with induction BY THE BOOK & TO THE LETTER" to get back to losing weight. And, mind you, this is with running for at least an hour in a fasted stated too! The books say not to go more than 6 waking hours without eating because it can spike your blood sugar level. I get up & go running less than an hour later, run for an hour to 1.5 hours, then eat protein right away (eggs, cheese, etc.) along with 33ounces of water.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 9 months ago)
does anybody out there know any good protein shakes?
I also use Isopure carb zero whey protein isolate in vanilla or banana cream. You can find it at GNC but it is more expensive ($51.99) for a 3lb tub. It is a top of the line product that is absorbed quickly & used by athletes who need higher protein for recovery/muscle building. I like it because it comes in powder form and lots of flavors to choose from, 50 grams of protein and best of all ZERO CARBS which is great for super low carvers like me. I mix mine with 30 calorie 0 net carb almond milk, but they are great with smoothies, mixed with plain Greek yogurt etc.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 9 months ago)
does anybody out there know any good protein shakes?
If you are on Atkins, I have found that the Atkins shakes stall my weight loss. I found a protein shake at Costco called Premium Nutrition in chocolate or vanilla. They have 30 grams of protein which is good for those of us who don't eating all the meat on atkins but it only has 2 or 3 net carbs depending on which flavor you pick. They are also much cheaper than the atkins shakes. I believe you get a 24 pack that are the same size as the atkins one's if not bigger & it is $24 so $1 a shake.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 9 months ago)
are you logging in your foods? if I can look at what you've eaten I can tell you exactly how you are doing :o)
by BELLA691967 (submitted 9 months ago)
Atkins Diet phase 1
I've found that Atkins can be a sensitive diet if you weigh every day. It can be sensitive too based on whether you drink enough water, eat two many bars or shakes (atkins states no more than 2 per day during induction but they tend to stall some peoples weight loss. I can tolerate the bars better than the shakes but I try to stick to 1 per day. On days when I don't get my 64oz of water in, I also see stalls. If I eat too many sugar free candies (which aren't part of induction :o) ) then I see stalls as well. I would suggest re-reading the induction part of the book & even highlighting key parts to see what might be going on. I go back regularly & view it because I tend to forget what the books says after trying to do the plan my way sometimes :o)
by BELLA691967 (submitted 11 months ago)
Atkins Diet phase 1
I have been on it induction for 9 days this go around & lost 2lbs until yesterday. I hit the 2lb mark & thought it was because I was eating more calories so I ate the same amount of calories yesterday (2300), then I woke up back where I started at 119 today! I have a hard time figuring out how many calories to eat since the atkins book says 1500-1800 for women but doesn't factor in exercise or mention how to adjust based on it. I average 300 calories per day in exercise with 700 calories from exercise on Sundays. It seems to be a trial & error thing because everyone seems to lose differently and depending on how much weight you have to lose too. I only have 10 pounds to lose so the weight loss is very slow for me. When my husband does atkins, he loses 3-4 pounds a week (but he has 80lbs to lose). Don't get discouraged. I am taking the advice of weighing in daily but only counting weight loss weekly by averaging out the loss over the week. That way it allows for fluctuations in water weight etc. Best of luck to you :o)
by BELLA691967 (submitted 11 months ago)
[quote=Diablo360x] You can still have those foods, just less of it. Abstaining from them is harder than having them in moderation. They are just calories. Count them.[/quote] I'm not sure how you all feel, but I find it much easier not to have sugars/carbs around the house PERIOD. It is just too tempting when you have an ED. I have tried for years to eat them in moderation and it just doesn't work.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 12 months ago)
the evil scale
I just started back on Weight Watchers today so I weighed today but I am not going to weigh again (I hope) until next Tuesday. Especially since WW is a much slower weight loss than Atkins (which I have been on for 2 years). No sense in weighing on WW everyday when it won't go down as fast anyway.
by BELLA691967 (submitted a year ago)
the evil scale
seriously sick of my scale! it sets my mood for the day. why do I give it such power?:x
by BELLA691967 (submitted a year ago)
Looking for Active Buddies
I am on here daily & I always have room for new buddies :o)
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
Looking for a few diet buddies
Hi toadie & welcome. I am on here daily, feel free to message me ;o)
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
I sent you a buddy request a few days ago :o)
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
Ideas for Work Lunch
I like an ounce of walnuts (provides alot of fat), tuna with mayo & celery (if you have a frig there), I too like the babybel light or string cheese, diced strawberries, atkins peanut butter bar, angus burger from mcdonalds without the bun, just bring your own whole wheat low carb high fiber tortilla in a ziploc baggie. I carry them every time I am on the road as a substitute for bread. 6 net carbs 12 grams of fiber!
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
Don't be a stranger!
I have had my profile public since I started here until I recently goggled my userID & found every forum post & journal entry right on google's 1st page for EVERYONE to see. Then I promptly decided to change my settings to private. So sad because I like being "held accountable" which is what I feel showing my food diary, journal & weight history does. I contacted customer support about the privacy issue & they merely stated they could change my username if I liked??? Both sides make good points, however I when I feel strongly about an issue, I don't really care what others will think, because at the end of the day, I am at home with me.:o) Respectfully
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
WOW, just googled my name & POW, my journals, forum posts & everything are there! I feel so violated. Unlike some, my weight loss includes ED issues. This is very upsetting.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
I agree totally. I just purged several myself on facebook. I am quite a bit disturbed though, if your saying that any can google my username & read my journal? Hope this is not the case, but I think I will remove my photo now if it is! That is why I changed my settings to private last week, I had alot of things I was journaling for myself but didn't feel the need to share it with this site let alone everyone in the world. I changed it back to public after comments that other buddies & users like to see weight history & progress, now I am 2nd guessing again.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
Eating after work out HELP!
great suggestion. I find the best time to work out is in the morning before eating. I get to the gym around 9ish & get home around 12noon. That way the calories I burn are from carbs first, also I like having the first meal of the day at noon as it seems like I get more to eat if I start later in the day. I also find I can't jog with food in my stomach.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
uncomfortable issue
this happens to me when I eat any sugar free items, candy, licorice, hard candy with malitol or xylitol in it due to the sugar alcohols. Also your body changes as you age. I never had problems with eating broccoli until my 30's now in my mid 40's broccoli is a big no no as is cabbage & ANY bean. These may be a culprit.
by BELLA691967 (submitted 2 years ago)
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