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Milk - Skim, Soy, Almond etc...
I've been using skim milk at home, for recipes, in smoothies and on cereal. My boyfriend thinks we should switch to another non-dairy option. Anyone have any input on what would be a good switch? Or do I stick with good ol' skim milk?
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 5 years ago)
You lost what?!
Well now...somewhere between an elephant's heart and a small bale of hay! Not bad.... Now, if I could just lose a leg and end with a gold brick, life would be pretty darn good! ;)
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 6 years ago)
Wii Games that get you moving - Post them here!
The new DDR for the Wii has a balance board option. I found it a bit annoying...but I'm used to playing with the mat. But if you don't have a mat, it is an option. Though, if you are buying DDR, it usually comes with one mat. (By the way, you can get additional mats through the Konami website, but they don't ship to Canada!) I'm also a big fan of We Cheer and We Cheer 2. Like Just Dance, you just need a Wii-Mote. Super fun, and the music's not too bad either!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
The Scale Game
I played the scale game for awhile. In fact, my boyfriend and I nicknamed the scale in the bathroom "The Scale of Doom." We had the same problem JerseyGirl - in one spot, you get one number; two inches left, you've gained a pound; a foot to the right, you've lost three. And forget about wearing any items of clothing! *argh* Since I switched to weighing myself with my Wii Fit, I get accurate numbers every time. No matter where the thing is in relation to my t.v. However, the boyfriend seems to like the Scale of Doom. I think it's because the stupid thing tells you that you're three pounds less than what Wii Fit says. Usually...sometimes it's only two pounds lighter... ;)
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
I feel broken...
Thanks guys! I guess I'm mostly feeling sorry for myself right now. And you're right shmiller...I have come a long way, and if I stop now, I'll have to start all over again. And it was crazy f'n hard at the start! I'd rather start again from this midpoint and just have it be crazy hard... ;) Time to kick myself in the butt, but hard!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
I feel broken...
Over a week ago, my boyfriend and I were cleaning up around the house. Not a bad day, really. Until, while moving a rug from one room to another, I managed to step on the pronged end of an unplugged power bar. In my bare feet. The result - the entire arch of my foot was bruised. (And still is, more than 10 days later!) In addition, I had scrapes and bleeding and a couple of little tiny punctures. I got a tetanus shot and some very expensive antibacterial cream. The fallout of all this - I couldn't walk properly until recently. And now I feel bummed out, lazy, tired, crabby and completely unmotivated to do anything at all! I still have about 40lbs to lose and I don't know where to go from here. Where's my desire for change? What do I do now?
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
Turbo fire
I've tried a few of the TurboFire workouts. I already had TurboJam, so I think it was easier for me to pick up the routines from the get-go without watching the New to Class segments. I think they're really fun, and I do like the music. And I love the Stretch 10 class. I always felt most workout DVDs skimped on the cool-down and stretching aspects. I just have to remind myself, that like TurboJam, it's going to take days, if not weeks, of doing the routines before I can do them without tripping over my own feet in certain parts. (I often go right when I should go left, or start with the wrong lead!)
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
Workout videos
Try TurboJam or TurboFire by Chalean Johnson. You can find them on the Beachbody website. Crazy fun...a mix of dance and martial arts and strength. Great music too!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
48lbs lost and my thighs arnt getting any smaller, help!
I think you're looking for the word "fecundity," lmc083... And I have to join all the ladies who are disappointed in the size of their thighs. I would love to be able to wear a shirt without tights or shorts or something underneath...I swear, in the summer, I look like someone has poured an entire kettle of boiling water in my lap if I even attempt skirts bare legged! But mostly I'm proud of my legs...they may be thunder thighs, but they certainly help me thunder along on my bike!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
What's on your Most Eaten Foods List?
Well...this was interesting! - sushi - green tea - edamame - mixed field greens - lemon juice - shrimp - cucumbers - balsamic vinaigrette - tomatoes The sushi and edamame totally make sense because when I'm working full time, the sushi place near my work is my go-to lunch joint. The shrimp seems weird because I feel like I haven't had shrimp in a really long time...but all the other stuff seems pretty straight forward. However, I would have thought berries would have been higher in the food rotation since I almost always have some kind of berry for breakfast, in one form or another. Hmmm...obviously my sushi lunches trump my fruity breakfasts!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
I'm 5'3" tall and about 166lbs. I'm wearing size 14 pants and M/L tops. On a weird side note - I wear a size 9 women's shoe!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
I hate my scale
We have two scales at home. The one in the bathroom we have nicknamed "The Scale of Doom." Depending on where it is in the bathroom, it can give you up to three different readouts, with differences ranging from two to as much as seven pounds! Scary and hilarious! :P The other scale is our Wii Fit. This one is the one that's most reliable. If it says you're 165, you'll be 165 if you move it to a slightly different location, or step back on in two minutes time. Generally, I use my Wii Fit number for my weigh-ins. Plus, it's fun to watch little virtual Mii get smaller :D
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
Low Calorie Diet questions...HELP!!
If your goal is muscle with definition and not a lot of bulk, make sure your doing your strength training with more reps and lighter weights. Try for between 12 and 15 reps and make sure you're really struggling with the last two or three.
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
Things That Make You Go "Bleck!"
I will NOT eat turnip or rutabega. *gross* My boyfriend finds this very odd, as I really enjoy having sashimi at our local sushi bar. The only external things that turns me off my food are the smell of vomit and the sight of bugs on my food. EEWW!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
understanding weight = pant size
Sizing is completely confusing to me too! And it's not just in numbers, it's the whole small, medium, large thing too! I have an old pair of capris from two summers ago that are a 16 petite and they are just a tiny bit loose. To compare, I bought a new pair of size 13 regular and they are slightly too snug. I have noticed I can be as small as a 12 petite and up to a 15 regular, depending on cut and style. Same goes for t-shirts. I can wear anything from a SMALL to an X-LARGE. Seriously? All depending on where I've bought my shirt!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
There are quite a few Metros (formerly Dominions) near my house and they all sell Summer Fresh dips. I have recently fallen in love with Avocado Hummus. So deliciously creamy!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 7 years ago)
Green Tea
I've been drinking green tea for years and I don't think it's a huge factor in weight loss. I don't really do coffee anymore. (The free coffee at work tastes like it was brewed with swamp water through a dirty paper towel.) And I need something to get me going and perky. So I've been drinking either Starbucks Green Ginger Tea or Lipton Honey Lemon Gingseng Green Tea. Both have zero calories but taste *way* better than swamp water. So I have to agree with wintersmith and katana_x. Green tea might not burn off those pounds for you, but at zero calories and a bit of caffeine, it's better than pop or juice filled with high-fructose corn syrup!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 8 years ago)
Music Suggestions?
I've been playing "We Cheer" on my Wii and downloaded the full length versions of the songs featured in the game. *If You're Gonna Jump (Paul Oakenfold Remix) Natasha Bedingfield *It Takes Two DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base *Footloose Kenny Loggins *Our Time Now Plain White T's *Huddle Formation The Go! Team *The Power Is On The Go! Team *I Say Hey Kinky *Born for This Paramore *Star Erasure *Jump Simple Plan *Eye of the Tiger (Sunset Crew Radio) Crew7 *That's The Way I Like It K.C. & The Sunshine Band *Push It to the Limit Corbin Bleu *I Want Candy Bow Wow Wow *Bodyrock Moby *C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) Quad City DJ's *God Speed (Original Mix) BT *Calabria 2008 (feat. Natasja) Enur *Whoomp! (There It Is) [Radio Edit] Tag Team *Stamp Your Feet Donna Summer *I'd Do Anything Simple Plan *Perfect Day Hoku Some cheesy pop, some dance and a lot of fun!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 8 years ago)
Custom Foods
Input all the ingredients into either the Cookbook/Recipe thingy or add the ingredients as a Meal. This way your homemade mayonnaise is all in one place and you can input it as one thing. This is what I do with the smoothies I have for breakfast. The difference between Cookbook and Meal: Cookbook lets you break things down from a lot into multiple servings, Meal assumes it's just one, well, meal, and therefore, one serving.
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 8 years ago)
You can also get great tips and videos on iTunes...for FREE!
by AlgaeGirl (submitted 8 years ago)
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