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Wii Exercise
Its a good start, that is where I started, and did get board and wanted to step it up a notch, now I do the biggest loser which is a fabulous work out (I still do the wii fit) as well I now have an elliptical and im up to 25 min on it. Then I have zumba for the wii and its fun and effective but right now I do that 3 days a week.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
Idiot checkout people
[quote=Angel Face]I work in the grocery industry and one thing we are encouraged to do is engage in conversation during check out. The checkers and baggers are suggested to comment on what you saying, "That looks good, what are you making?" or "Those shrimp are a great buy today." It can get tiring coming up with things to comment on. I agree it sounds like a clumsy compliment. It also sounds like it came from the mouth of someone who doesn't know the antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate! Don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy every bite. :)[/quote] Same here I work in the customer service industry and we do a lot of times comment on things people purchase, for me a lot of times it will be somthing ive never tried and would like to hear first hand if its worth trying out, maybe the guy really didnt knoe the added benefits of pure dark chocolate?
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
what are perfect measurments?
Ok I have to reply to this is there a perfect measurement? Ya I guess if your barbie! Your perfect measurment will be what you want it to be dont you think. What I think and everyone else thinks and what you may think is perfect for you will not be the same. Looking at your profile pic I think you look perfect right there! You are perfect just the way you are.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
Marvelous read I thank you a milion times over. Since I started this journey to become healthier (not diet) this is a complete lifestyle change for me. Have been learning as I go and you cant emagine how much this helps me mentaly, even thou my husband pretty much tells me the same thing when I get into a rant about the plateaus an the odd gains on the scales. I unusually start psychoanalizing everything I have done where did I go wrong and generaly he ends up being right I get the big drop, but silly me it wil happen again the plateau comes or a pound or two gain and I lose it. I will try to not let the day to day fluctuations and flat lines get to me. Thank you again for your post.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
how to sign out where is the button
Its at the very top right hand side of your screen. Hope this helps
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
[quote=cayo12]There's a lot of great recommendations on here... Some are not 100% factual but great advice in all. My #1 dieting tip, that I will advocate and stand by is: Diets don't work. 85% of people that go on a "Diet" gain the weight plus some back in 1-3 years. Learn about nutrition "knowledge is power". Find someone to Coach you and guide you in the right direction, provide support and ensure you're successful.[/quote] I agree to disagree, yes some probably a large % gain the weight back and then some, yes knowledge is power we dont gain the weight over night and its not going to come off over night, its researching finding what works for you, sticking to your goals and dont call it a diet its a lifestyle change, learning to become and remain at your peek of health. Change things up, make exercising fun somthing you look forward to. Not every one can afford to have a nutritionist, or coach, we can find ways to be strong and learn how to change the way we do things, its a very long process but with the will power and determination we can break free and live a healthier lifestyle. Protein protein protein our bodies need it and it gives you the energy your body and muscles crave. Reward yourself when you get to that goal you deserve it!
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
I have to say I agree with spacey47, for this reason.......I wasnt morbidly obese when I joined fat secret but my bmi was in the obese category 36.59 weight at the very begining before I found F.S was over 210 lbs. Thanks to a lot of research in books on the web and here from a lot of friends I have made I have learned that what really works is calorie counting, portion control, and exercise, I also learned that this will be somthing I will have to do way after I reach my goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To be compleatly honest im looking forward to coming on here to log my calories and exercises diaries for many years to come, not just for the benefit of keeping myself on track but to be of some help to anyone else out there who is or has gone through what I have, to help with struggles etc be a helping hand. What works for me isn't going to work for everyone, but telling what we have done to get to where we are is an inspiration to others. Obviously what spacey47 has done has worked for him and continues to work for him, and any advice on here is good advice even if it wont work for everyone.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
I have a number of wii games that I use every day "wii fit" "zumba this one comes with a belt to put controller in" "biggest loser for the wii" step arobics and cardio kickboxing this one you need to have a balance board for. Just a few examples for you.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I weigh myself every day and keep a record (sometimes I feel obsessed with it) heck I will be honest I even made a graph chart showing my weight loss from the start, there are even some days I weigh my self twice once in the morning and once before I go to bed. As well as the daily weigh ins I do on the wii fit and the biggest loser game I have for the wii. It keeps me focused and on track. I like my graph chart it gives me a good visual of how far I have come and where I want to be.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
I totally get where your coming from, I have the same happen to me usually if I have a protein shake I find come dinner time im not hungry at all, so I dont force myself to eat when I dont think I need it. Dont knoe for sure if that is good advice or not but it works for me, I also drink lots of water.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
No results recorded on challenges
Ok update I got it to work this is what I did hope it might work for you. Im from Canada, so I logged out and logged back in to logged my weight and that seemed to do the trick, good luck.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
No results recorded on challenges
Having the same problem wish I had an answer for you, if I can figure it out will get back to you. I know its frustrating I too have some ongoing challenges and am unable to record my progress even though im doing good, I cant show that I am.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
Wii Games that get you moving - Post them here!
I have a number a favorites for the wii and i do them every day, i start with wii fit as i use the yoga and strength training to warm up and stretch not to mention it keeps track of my weight, BMI, and my balance has greatly improved (I'm 40 year old mother of teens and i must say when i started my "wii fit age was 58, and it makes my day now when it tells me my wii fit age is 20) then i do this10 min cardio for the wii that consists of a daily program i scheduled 6 five min workouts of step aerobics and cardio kickboxing, then it's onto the biggest looser I've already completed the four week boot camp, and lost 10 pounds , now I'm at the end of my first week of beach buns my weigh in is tomorrow. Then i do a scheduled20 min class and sometimes some extra dances on zumba fitness core. I also have the zumba exelerate on dvd. To top it off we have all of the just dance games and the Micheal Jackson game (i don't do the just dance games every day but i do throw them in the mix every now and then) good to burn a few extra cals if needed.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)
Lost 60 Pounds Now!
Congratulations , man I too can't wait to say out loud Ilost 60 pounds. I've been working on the wii fit and the biggest loser game for the wii and I'm 3.5 kg away from my B.M.I going from obese to just over weight and that excites me. Baby steps, and loving the way I feel about myself.
by 40karma1972 (submitted a year ago)

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