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What Should I do
Wellness5 wrote: My RMR is 1562...but I don't see how that could be if I currently eat around 800 cal... Are you confusing TDEE and RMR or BMR? A 100 pound 5 foot 2 inch 25 YO female has a BMR of ...
by Terrapin12 on 25 Apr 17 06:06 AM
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
I agree with Phil and wholefoodnut. but add that you also have to find what type diet fits your tastes and tolerances AND gives positive results for you in the management of your health and weight. d ...
by Jadsl on 25 Apr 17 06:03 AM
App compatability
Hello I was wandering if there was a way to have FatSecret sync info to my Fitbit?
by judestar67 on 25 Apr 17 05:26 AM
Meal Replacement Shakes
I'm an Herbalife distributor and Personal Trainer. The shakes provide great nutrition. I put together plans based on Activity level, Age and goals. It's important for my clients to maintain a well ...
by coachlen on 24 Apr 17 11:00 PM
Looking for buddies doing Keto or LCHF
I am doing LCHF. I can be a buddy if you want. I was just diagnosed with Type II diabetes with an A1C of 385. I finally got my sugar down to 196 today after 2 weeks doing LCHF diet, and lowest dose of ...
by Afrayedknot2012 on 24 Apr 17 06:54 PM
Veggies while doing keto
I had that paperwork and it said that carbs are very good for you in right amount. So I wouldnt worry much
by juliatimonova on 24 Apr 17 03:50 PM

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