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Count me in I need all the support I can get!!!!
by Desire2lose on 01 Feb 15 01:06 PM
weight loss partner
I'm interested in a weight loss partner! :)
by shrtbaylorqt04 on 01 Feb 15 12:59 PM
Hi everone
thank you for sharing your story it gives hope - I am not yet at the stage to have a back up plan i feel if i can't do this then i don't know what my purpose is - i feel a bit useless as a woman ...
by twilson1 on 01 Feb 15 12:52 PM
4100 kcal recommendation???
wow, that is really high! i can;t imagine anyone being to maintain with that kind of caloric intake unless you are an Olympic athlete?!
by fatchick45987 on 01 Feb 15 12:24 PM
don't we all have this problem with willpower?! what helps for me I write down my goal or why am i doing it on a piece of paper every time I want to binge on something. Helps a lot!
by fatchick45987 on 01 Feb 15 12:23 PM
first week
by fatchick45987 on 01 Feb 15 12:20 PM

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Stick with Atkins '72. Meat and eggs, a little cheese. Guaranteed to work!
27 Jan 15 for diet Atkins