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Abs, Fat, or just ribs?
MightyFull wrote: I'm going with both. Ribs and fat? or Abs and Ribs?
by amyskids on 03 Jun 15 08:55 AM
Best tracker
wholefoodnut wrote: Amy -- I find it impossible to track everything on FS and much does not fit what I do. The issue with putting devices in your pocket or hooking to your belt or waitsband is that ...
by amyskids on 03 Jun 15 07:48 AM
Back on point
After starting back on the 30 day Abs & Squats Challenge, I have to admit I have forgotten just how tough these are. That being said I'm going to be sticking with it. Also starting up Zumba class ...
by Tomacina on 03 Jun 15 03:44 AM
Whats Better ???
Calories are the most important thing to keep track of mandii. Fat is more important for health. Weight loss happens when you ingest less energy than you expend.
by Diablo360x on 03 Jun 15 12:44 AM
on the right track?
You have to change your settings so we can see your food diary. Go into MY TOOLBOX over to the right and down and go into MY SETTINGS.. change it so everyone can see your info. d
by mummydee on 03 Jun 15 12:04 AM
Bariatric Patients
I had my surgery may 26.Everything went well.Its been 7 days.I feel so tired and week.The area where my drain was is still long did it take you all to feel well.My drain was removed yesterday.I ...
by Tracy6035 on 02 Jun 15 09:34 PM

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