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Do you lift weights
i lift weights monday wednesdays and fridays 5 3 1+ most of the time maxs are so far 190 for bench and 290 for squat i run everyday under 6 min mile trying to reach a 5 min mile again fastest mile is ...
by cameronbowman on 06 May 15 09:40 AM
Hello guys, I am new here and am trying to understand it, but one thing that I really need help with is: Where I can find the calories that I'm suppose to be eating?. I can see the ones that am eating ...
by altagraciacastillo on 06 May 15 09:39 AM
I do better in a group...need some buddies
Become my buddy and all the people who are my buddies here. :)
by jparlett on 06 May 15 08:44 AM
Life is good
Hi peggy! 22 pounds in three months,,,that is great!! I hope in three months I can say the same!!
by juliamatts2 on 06 May 15 08:18 AM
I believe that if you were to have a drink, red wine would be your best option due to the tannins being deemed "good for you". That's just my opinion though.
by KatGoddess on 06 May 15 07:47 AM
Weight watchers
Martha64 wrote: I have had a hard time find any weight watchers support on here. Thanks for the response. 8) ;)
by loverunning on 05 May 15 04:51 PM

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