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The only diet I've ever gone on, which I still do, really isn't a "diet" (like a full plan of specific foods that people set up for others) just the 5:2 thing, where you essentially do ...
by Somebody Else on 01 Mar 15 08:08 PM
i do not get it.....
Perhaps they do not realize they must go under their site settings and click the correct buttons? Or, some people ask for help but are defensive if they hear what they do not want to hear like eat less ...
by HCB on 01 Mar 15 08:02 PM
Product Label doesn't match.
Hmmmm. I have one of Atkins older carb counters and scallops are pretty low carb. Shellfish have some sort of "sugar" in them, but they are allowed in limited amounts. You definatly didn't ...
by Horseshu1 on 01 Mar 15 07:58 PM
Just Signed Up
Hello everyone! It's great to see us in this together. Started gaining weight after 50 and it's been tough getting it off. I have lost 26 lbs and just stopped losing. Switched to low carb 5 days ...
by TKay3586 on 01 Mar 15 07:41 PM
Low Carb egg options
If you look at more recent research, you may learn that eggs are excellent for you and they do not cause high "bad" cholesterol like we used to believe they did. Real food is better for you ...
by HCB on 01 Mar 15 07:21 PM
New and need a few answers...
Lovemysalt wrote: OK, Thanks Badger, and thanks to all for helping me ... I am female, 42, 5 foot 9 and 245 lbs. Activity level is low, I am working on it, but for now I walk to work and back 35 minutes. ...
by BadgerOnCrack on 01 Mar 15 06:56 PM

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