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Jackson - I would suggest that your religiously log your intake and DAILY scale weight for the next 7 days (and ideally thereafter). Once you have that data, you can easily calculate your Baseline Ca ...
by jimmiepop on 28 Apr 16 08:36 PM
First Weigh in--14 hours to go...
I really admire people like yourself, hope all goes well.
by Onthebusesstan on 28 Apr 16 07:05 PM
what to eat? How to build muscles
Hello mesodum.. Just wanted to fact check with you.. You stated that the human body can "MAKE(S) IT'S OWN NUTRIENTS - PERIOD -" and you have included "proteins amino acids and vitamins ...
by Precis on 28 Apr 16 07:02 PM
I am on the Atkins diet on induction and gaining weight! Please help.
jwsplatjw wrote: Science to the rescue! Right on yduj57, 46% of protein is converted to glucose which really becomes significant. Ketones are made from fats so to make the shift you really need to do ...
by tanya2223 on 28 Apr 16 06:18 PM
BMR confused
farmerblue wrote: is there something wrong with me or are these calculators wrong??? Nothing wrong with you. Use your own data, not the calculators. farmerblue wrote: but i only eat 1200 a day ...
by jimmiepop on 28 Apr 16 03:57 PM
Deleting a thread from notifications
Thanks Oliver. While there's a lot of interesting info there, it's much more than I can/want to absorb on a regular basis. Since it was in notifications, I was seeing more responses to that ...
by Vickie 5966 on 28 Apr 16 03:26 PM

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