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can not view buddies journals.
Before the site changes when I logged in I was given a choice if I wanted to view the communities journals or just my buddies. Now that choice appears to have disappeared. I am working from a blackberry so does that make any difference. I need help because clicking on wach buddy to see how they are doing is a pain. Thanx
by pam-u-la (submitted 4 years ago)
Insulin resistance
Is there a local diaetic association around you. They can offer you advice on finding the appropriate dietician to work with you. Good luck. All the best!
by pam-u-la (submitted 4 years ago)
I need help
Would there e anyway to speak to a physical therapist aout doing some "easy" exercises that would not put you in jepardy? The ones I am thinking of are similar to ones they do when someone is bed ridden. Perhaps some of those movements and being careful what you eat will help break the plateu! Congratulations on how far you have come and what you have already achieved.
by pam-u-la (submitted 4 years ago)
If there is a local Y in your area ask aout volunteering and see if perhaps the hrs put in would equate to using some of the classes or activities offered. As for the food, whomever is in charge of buying will also benefit from having some healthier choices too. Good luck from one broke person to another!
by pam-u-la (submitted 4 years ago)
Clean Eating- vegan day...yay or nay?
I do not think going vegan 1 day per week is anything to be concerned about. Personally I have chosen to go vegan because of food issues and not ethical. When planning the meal just make sure it has all the nutrients you need.
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
comfort food!
So is there such a thing as a healthy comfort food? Has anyone found a healthier alternative to their food that make them happy? Smart ass comments are welcome!
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Clean Eating- vegan day...yay or nay?
You can google search vegan recipes. Make sure you type in simple ones to start with. There you will find numerous recipes. Now do you want to go completely vegan for a day or strict vegetarian? Good luck! I say YAY to vegan eating just make sure to have some blood work done to ensure that you do not have any deficiencies.
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
What do you say when . . . . . .
A compliment that always makes me laugh is "where did the rest of you go", or "your so tiny". Lol :D
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
IBS or Celiac
Hello! I was diagnosed with IBS many years ago. At that time I was also told that lactose was my main trigger. So through time I have cut that out. However I now find that too much refined carbs are having the same effect. Thanks for writing your post it was very informative.
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Need some motivation!
Drinking plain water has never been my thing. So I added lemon to it, then I got a cool water bottle that hold 700mls. Sometimes the container is just the motivation you need to encourage yourself to drink more.
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Why isn't "sex" listed under exercises?
I simply put it under light home exercises. With all the bending, twisting and ab work that gets done during a good ol romp session. My "special" friend thought it was hillarious when I called him my personal trainer! Good topic! Sex-er-cise into a smaller you!! :D
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Re-Join FatSecret
Welcome back.
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Junk food headache?
I've had the junk food hangover. Where my body rebels all the crap I threw into it. Usually takes a day or two of eating well and pumping in the fluids to flush it out. Overal it's a dang good reminder to tell oursleves that monderation on anything is key.
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Reporting abuse works!
Now that's community at it's best. Funnt how one person can make so many other's skittish about posting on discussions. Way to go mommydee!!
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Fiber one bars at night?
My suggestion would be to contact your doctor, or someone at the diabetic association who can give you the best advice on what to munch on at night that is blood sugar friendly. Personally I do not believe that fibre one bars are as they contain too many refined sugars which could lead to a reaction. But that is just my opinion!
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Holy crap people this is all pretty intense. Let's face it there will always be people in real life or on here that we do not agree with. If someone posts something and a person respondes and you don't agree with it tell them straight out. It makes me pretty sad to see people respnde to eachother in this manner. Normally I would not say anything, but damn. We are all human, we make choices and decisions on we feel is best for us. If blessingsandpeace wants to cahnge her mind, well it's her prerogative. If people find spacey47 rude or whatever ignore him, and mmoodd69 is completely right, we as a community of like minded people who are trying to better ourselves do need to stand up to bullies! This is all just my 2 cents worth but with inflation it is now 10 cents!
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
You can always celebrate in a non food way. Have small rewards for yourself. Your doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work!
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
trying to beat the odds.
Thanks alltheangelsenvy.. I have had problems with medication and weight gain before. So I know the warning signs. I've also been on weight neutral medication and lost weight on them. I guess it basically boils down to controling how much I weigh vs how I feel mentally. :P
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
Help! What can I eat?
Maybe a silly question, but has your doctor set you up with a dietician? If not you may want to consult with one. I went through this when I was first experiencing food sensitivities. Cut off most of the food they thought were the offending culprits. Then slowly introduced them back one by one. The ones I could not tolerate at all where the ones that were eliminated from my diet. Good luck, have fun reading labels.
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
trying to beat the odds.
Thanks you both for your reply. I have been on the meds now for almost two months. From the research I have done I am doing well. They say that "most" individuals should expect a weight gain. However I am not "most" people. If I want to e truly stable then I know it is a body (food and exercise) mind (proper medication) and spirit thing. I have to look at all three. If one slips they all follow.
by pam-u-la (submitted 5 years ago)
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