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Latest Journals

by mccixa on diet mccixa's own diet, gaining 2.4 lb a week Up
by baangd on diet baangd's own diet, losing 2.9 lb a week Down
by Dee 0927 on diet Dee 0927's own diet, losing 0.3 lb a week Down

Latest Posts

Cannot delte a food item
Same thing has happened to me today. Not allowing me to delete food entries and my 'delete' button has disappeared. As you suggested, using my browser on the home computer to make changes but ...
by Lily Monster on 08 Feb 16 11:29 PM
Balancing Protein and Calories
I am trying to increase my protein intake and am having a hard time doing so. Any advice? Mainly on how to incorporate more vegetables that have high protein levels. I need help in any way possible.
by sunshinetrugillo on 08 Feb 16 11:18 PM
Need help with the site
You can edit the quantity you had. In a case such as that, I'd enter the fraction 5/20.
by kpwcalories on 08 Feb 16 11:13 PM
Apt not workin
Until they fix it, I think you need to use the web interface via your browser.
by kpwcalories on 08 Feb 16 11:11 PM
Cannot Delete Food
I correct myself. I can delete on this site. I'm not familiar with it.
by ClarkW60 on 08 Feb 16 09:09 PM
I am a couch potatoe
Tatmummy, actually no I haven't. I probably should as it would be good for me. I actually didn't drink while I was losing weight. I'm at goal and have been for more than a year. I do drink ...
by wholefoodnut on 08 Feb 16 08:39 PM
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